Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Page Finish and A UFO

WooHoo!!  Page 9 is finished!  Only 33 more to go.  *sigh*

Dress of Day Dreams
Page 9/42

And now, instead of diving back into a HAED, I am going to try of force myself to finish a UFO (no, I'm not seeing little green guys flying through the sky;  that's code for UnFinished Object).  This is the Majestic Peacock from the Cross Stitch Gold magazine August 2009.  I'm down to the $%#@^& metallic thread and that's why it's a UFO.  But it's 3/4 of the way done and needs to be completed so I can start something new without as much guilt, lol. 

Majestic Peacock

Sorry for the poor picture quality on these;  a photographer I am not.  But at least you get the general idea.

Hurricane Irene continues to wend her way toward us.  It's looking like the eye will stay slightly to the east of us and we can expect gale force (30-60 mph) to tropical force (60-80) sustained winds with hurricane force gusts (75+).  It's still a watch and wait situation, though, as these things can go away completely or turn very nasty very quickly.  I hope everyone in the path stays safe!

Battening down the hatches.

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