Friday, August 26, 2011

Thar She Blows!

Irene is on her way.  Now we wait.  We have been getting a few rain squalls today and we will be getting more rain and wind overnight.  The bulk of the storm will hit mid-day to early evening sometime.  I expect we will be without power for an extended time.  Once the anxiety over the storm passes, I might be able to get some stitching done, hopefully.  It will be too nerve wracking while the storm is here to concentrate on much of anything except the noise of the storm.  Thankfully, she has been downgraded slightly this afternoon and is not expected to re-strengthen at this time.

Hurricane Irene
6:00 PM EDT

I did pick a new Shepherd's Bush kit Sweet Stitcher's Fob:

Hopefully, when next I write, it will be a stitch-related post and life will be back to normal.  For everyone in the path of Irene, stay safe.


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