Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn's Arrival

With fall upon us this week, I decided I did not have nearly enough fall stitching to sit about the house.  So the WIP-in-waiting I referred to in my last post is nearly all kitted up now.  It is Victoria Sampler Autumn Garden Sampler.  I am converting most of the floss to DMC, though I am using the Gloriana Topiary and Harvest Grape.  This will be the first time I have used the silk flosses and so should be interesting.  The Topiary color is quite yummy and I'm giving some thought to other projects I might be able to use it in. 

VS Autumn Garden Sampler

I will probably be bad and at least start this one this afternoon.  I have been sick with a cold all week, so I have not done much stitching at all.  I think most of the progress on Nature's Little Helper was done just last night.

HAED Nature's Little Helper (Warren)
Page 5

I also thought it might be fun to share my older fall pieces.  The first was completed in 2009 and is Mill Hill's Jim Shore's Harvest Trio:

Jim Shore's Harvest Trio
Mill Hill
circa 2009

This is an old Leisure Arts leaflet, the name of which I have forgotten:

Leisure Arts
circa 1997

And lastly, is my pride and joy, Glory of Autumn by Mystic Stitch.  This one hangs over my couch all year. 

Glory of Autumn
Mystic Stitch
circa 2006

I would love to see the fall/autumn pieces of others! 

Happy stitching!

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