Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Yarn

Welcome to my new follower(s) again!  Up to lucky thirteen now. 

The weather here has finally turned more fall-like and since I'm sitting here chilly, I decided it's time to try to get a move on the half dozen bins of yarn I have sitting in my house.  I inherited this yarn from my Aunt who could no longer comfortably crochet due to her arthritis and she sent it on it's way to me.  Unfortunately, it came at the end of my last yarn craze and it has sat mostly untouched for over 5 years now.  I really want to 1) put it to good use and 2) get it out of my house.  Mainly so I can go buy more yarn, lol.  I think I am going to put a lot of it together for Project Linus.  I have a UFO that I have just pulled out and this will be finished up this month (meaning December) and will be my first contribution. 

Summer Symphony
A Year of Afghans Book 3
by Leisure Arts

The left edge is not that wonky;  I just didn't bother to straighten it out after flinging it out on the floor. 

I'm still having a blast with the socks.  The latest sock did get me a little frustrated with trying (on my own) to do the princess sole thing.  I really am not one of those people who can go off on their own pattern-wise.  It usually leads to certain or near disaster.  Case in point:

The foot is badly rolled. 

It still fits well, though, and the princess sole feels much better.  (The colors in this picture are much truer).  I tried it on inside out and it still feels better than the first pair, so I think the smaller needles helped, too.  I will, at some point, be trying even smaller needles.  The second sock of this pair is on the needles and I am going to use this pattern to see if it is easier and looks nicer than what I tried to do.  I've got to figure out a good, basic pattern soon;  there's too much cool sock yarn out there! 

After posting, I realized I had not shared the picture of my finished first pair of socks! 

Let me go see if I can figure out what I was doing on this afghan.  As I remember, I was not following the pattern correctly and, of course, didn't make any notes.  Maybe after I go fix a cup of tea or hot chocolate...

Happy fiber fondling!

PS.  Tomorrow is my stitching night, so there is some remote hope I will have some sort of stitching update.

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