Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Open Heart Update and more knitting

I can't believe how quickly time flies these days.  Halloween's gone and Thanksgiving is breathing down our necks.  And let's not even mention Christmas shopping.  Ugh.  Too much to do and too little time.

An Open Heart has not seen much love this week.  I'm up to area 4, I think.

An Open Heart

I received my finished bellpull!

VS Autumn Garden Sampler

More knitting has been accomplished.  It must be the time of year that makes me want to make warm things to wear.  First up is another garter stitch scarf.

Paton's Carmen scarf

Next is my very first knit hat.  This was made with Caron Simply Soft Paints in Oceana.

I started my first attempt at a sock with actual sock yarn.  I'm hoping it will get easier with practice.  There are such fun yarns for socks and you can never have too many socks!  I'm hoping I get the hang of it eventually.  If anyone out there knits socks and has any advice to share, please do! 

Happy stitching!


  1. Tamara - Your knitting is beautiful! I don't know how you find time to do both knitting and stitching!!
    I can't wait to see your socks!! Somehow, I just couldn't wrap my brain around how to knit them, so I stick to flat items! :)


  2. I wish you luck with your socks-- but I have no expertise in the area :)

    Your stithcing is beautiful! Congrats on all the progress.

  3. Thank you! Actually, I don't really have time for both; the stitching is getting sadly neglected lately.

    @lesli: if you decide to try socks go to youtube and watch the sock videos by very pink knits. If it wasn't for her tutorials I probably would have given up right after the cast on, if I had gotten that far.