Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Four Stitches

I hope the New Year is starting off fabulously for everyone.  I'm enjoying my day off with my knitting, cross stitching, and crocheting on this cold day that has arrived with a cold front from our northwestern friends.  Thanks, guys.  At least the sun is shining. 

As I sit here contemplating how to tackle my growing mound of cross stitch projects, I find I like thinking about working on them more than actually picking them up and stitching on them.  I like the excitement of a new project and I love having a finished product.  It's just the in-between that's a bitch.  I still haven't decided whether to work on only one of my BAP WIP's or work on all of them as the mood strikes me.  I know I would see more progress and maybe even have a finish at the end of the year if I picked up one and only one, but there seem to be so many other things which I am obligated to do (such as work, housekeeping, cooking, etc) that it seems silly to deny myself the pleasure that my hobby can provide.  Which may include starting a new project (which I need like I need a new hole in my head).  But not today.  Today I am pulling out a WIP that I still love, but the chart drives me a little (okay, a lot) batty when working on it.  The chart is A Rock Garden by The Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery.  I started this in March 2008 and have completed 4 pages out of 12 (the last 3 of which are 1/2 pages).  So, I'm going to try to make a little headway on it this year.  It is the smallest of my BAP's and would be the quickest to finish, I think.  Maybe. 

A Rock Garden
Alfred de Breanski
The Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery

The sock is coming right along, I just started the gussets on the first sock.

And the Linus Project afghan is also showing progress, but no update picture.  And here I sit, avoiding that piece pictured above.  And it's sitting over there looking all innocent when I know as soon as I pick it up and try to decide on the first color to start, it will turn into some evil little imp and I'll end up sitting with it for the next three hours and have all of four stitches to show for it. 

Oh, and I also got a tiny bit done on An Open Heart, too. 

An Open Heart
The Drawn Thread

That band I'm working on should be an easy one.  As I still sit here procrastinating, I'm wondering if my stitching mojo might still be a little weak.  Oh, well, let me go get those four stitches in so I can move on to something else.

Happy stitching!

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