Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carnage *EDITED*

Last night was not a good stitching night.  I had done the cross stitches all the way around the inner whitework border on An Open Heart.  I ended off the thread and perused the chart for the next step.  Only to realize I had done the first quarter of the stitches properly with 2 threads and then switched to 1 thread.  Apparently, my CRS (Can't Remember Sh*t) has taken a turn for the worst.  So, I had to rip out 3/4 of the border I had just finished putting in.  *sob*

Frog Carnage

Picture's a bit (ok, a lot) fuzzy, but you get the idea.  And, yes, chocolate was part of the treatment.  So, I'm still working on getting around the first border.  But I did finally get that last band done!

An Open Heart
The Drawn Thread

I'm really looking forward to finishing this one up and getting it to the framer.  I'm planning on getting one or two older finishes framed at that time, as well. 

I was also weak last week and ordered some sock stash.

There's Mini Mochi, and Supersocke.  How could I resist the Supersocke when it was 55% off??  The socks are going slow right now;  I've been trying to work on the cross stitch more lately.  I think my stitching mojo is coming back.

Happy stitching!

*EDIT*  Cripes!  I've just finished restitching that border and I'm ONE FREAKING THREAD off!!  Grrrrr.  And the error is all the way up at the top.  Looks like there will be more carnage from the frog tonight.  Can someone send me some Frog Away...I seem to be out.  Now where's that chocolate...

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