Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Down

One to go.  Borders, that is.  The inner whitework border on An Open Heart is done after about a million satin stitches.  The outer border is all backstitched.

An Open Heart
The Drawn Thread

Once again I'm fighting startitis.  I am being good, however.  My agreement with myself is when I finish this piece, I may do a little biscornu or needleroll before moving back to my Crystal Roses.  I have been dabbling with one of my HAED pieces.  Not much progress to show there.  It's too dark and gloomy here for a good picture, anyway. 



  1. Wow, she's lovely! I'm proud of you for fighting your startitis, but then again why should I be the only person with 58 million WIPs?

  2. Hi

    Just found your blog on the IHSW list.

    Your WIP is beautiful!