Thursday, March 15, 2012

Books A Million

Or at least it seems like a million, I haven't really been counting.

Sanctuary of Knowledge
Randal Spangler

Then there is the painfully slow progress on Crystal Roses.

I have half a sock done.  I'm really liking this color.

Kroy Socks
Brown Rose Marl

I do have a tiny finish. 

Just Nan
Tulip Bunny

A friend loaned me this chart this week, so I wanted to get it done up and return the chart to her.  I didn't have the fabric it called for, so I decided to fill in the background instead. 

Spring is springing around here; it's nearly 80F today and gorgeous.  Hard to get much hermiting done when it's so nice out.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Huh, this looks like a HUGE amount of books, but it's so beautiful =)
    I love the sock you are working on, the colors are really great. I'm currently working at a sock, too. You remind me, that I should take a photo and share it, I completely forgot about that ;-)

    I wish the weather would warm up in Germany, too.....

  2. Hello

    Your WIP'S are looking great.

    Your Tulip Bunny finish is so sweet.

    Happy stitching.