Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You Will NOT Believe What I Did

Sunday night I was going to work on Crystal Roses, but I got home from work and decided since I only had a toe to finish up on the sock to make up the pair I would do that instead.  So I knit merrily away and finished the toe in relatively quick order and sewed it up.  Cut off the yarn.  AND CUT A FREAKING HOLE IN MY NEWLY KNITTED SOCK.  I could not belive it and needless to say, said a few choice words I could not repeat in front of my mother, lol. 

So I proceeded to rip out the the toe figuring if I screwed it up more it was no big loss.  Managed to get it ripped back and picked the stitches back up.  This part of knitting I have very little experience with and so it was difficult and I was getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing.  It was getting late, but I knew if I left it for later, I doubted I would get it finished.  But I did.  I'm so stinking proud of myself for being able to save what would have been, to me, unsalvagable 6 months ago.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Red Heart Heart and Sole

I'm not so wild about the colorway on these.  And there was no way to get the stripes to line up without wasting half the skein of yarn.  I'm dying to get a nice pair of stripey socks done up.  But my symmetrical brain wants socks that more or less match.  These socks also turned out a wee bit small.  I'm still working on the perfect needle size and cast on numbers. 

Not too much progress on the stitching front this week.  I started the speciality stitches on Crystal Roses, but you can't even tell to look at it, so I'll save that for another week.  I did get a couple hundred more stitches into Sanctuary.

And can you believe what Michele at HAED put out yesterday??  How are we supposed to resist such cuteness?  I'd better go get stitching!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Those socks are adorable!! I just picked up knitting again (haven't done it for a LONG time) I can't imagine how difficult it was to pick up the stitches after ripping the cut portion out!!

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Love those socks they are great!

    Your WIP looks great too.