Thursday, June 21, 2012

June IHSW and Then Some

Here's my week's progress on Nature's Little Helper.

HAED Nature's Little Helper

The Monkey socks suffered yet another setback.  I was halfway through the foot when I finally came to the conclusion I really disliked the way the purl sections looked when it was on.  So after asking myself several times if I really wanted to rip it out, sleeping on it, Monday morning I ripped it out.  I restarted it with the no-purl version and so far I'm liking it better. 

Then last week I also spent entirely too much time on Ravelry and decided I could not wait another minute to try to knit a lace shawl/triangle scarf.  So I ran down to the LYS and nabbed some Blue Heron Bamboo Lace yarn.  Now, up to this point I have yet to buy yarn in a hank.  For some reason, I decided not to have them wind it for me.  I do have the ball winder I got for my birthday.  How hard can it be?  (Can you guess where this is headed?)  So, later that night I decided to wind the yarn.  I very soon discovered the benefit of a yarn swift.  Two minutes and I had 1230 yards of a tangled mess.  Oy.  I managed to get part of the skein hung over the banister and got a large part of that wound.  Then I spent the next two evenings untangling from the other end.  Honestly, I thought it would take me months to get it undone.  Valuable lesson learned about hanks of yarn.  If you do it right, it is quick and easy.  Done wrong, not so much.  So now I've cast on and gotten a good start on the Holden Shawlette.  I'm pretty sure I can do it if I can keep the project on the needles.  This stuff is super slippery.  But sooooo soft and pretty.

Holden Shawlette
Blue Heron Bamboo Lace
Summer Meadow

The colors in that picture aren't very true;  it's a richer teal color.  I'm almost halfway through the main body and then the lace portion will start. 

Happy Stitching,


  1. Hello

    Your stitching is looking great!

    Love the socks and the shawl is lovely. That yarn is really pretty!

  2. The stitching is coming along very well.

    Love the wool for the shawlette.