Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holden Shawlette FO

I didn't think I would have this shawlette done this weekend, but it is and I am thrilled with it.  That picot bind off, however, took  It's now blocking, but I couldn't wait to show it off.  So here it is unblocked and I will post a picture next week of the blocked shawl.

Holden Shawlette

Pattern:  Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes
Yarn:  Blue Heron Yarns bamboo lace "Summer Meadow"
Needles:  Hiya Hiya Sharps Size US 4 24" circular

The pattern was well written and is good for a beginner lace/shawl pattern.  The only problem I had in the beginning was my yarn overs would migrate over the round stitch markers I was using and after I switched to the larger locking stitch markers, I did not have any more trouble.  It's a small shawl (hence the shawlette name, lol), measuring 48 X 23 inches while blocking.  The yarn did bleed during the washing, but several rinses seemed to get most of the excess dye out.

I'm hoping feverently it will be dry by 4PM so I can wear it out tonight. 

Word is out I might celebrate by starting my Mill Hill Buttoned and Beaded Autumn Collage Kit tonight.  Fall is approaching at warp speed.

Happy Stitching,