Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Little Stitching and an Elen FO

Hello and welcome to my new followers!  This might be a drive by posing as the sky is turning ominous looking suddenly.  *edit:  had to turn off the computer before I could finish the post!

I finished my Elen hat on Monday.

I started some Halloween socks:

And an update on Nature's Little Helper:  as of today, a page finish!

Nature's Little Helper
HAED/Jim Warren
7 pages complete

I'm sad to say, there has been no progress on the Mill Hill kit.  It's looking iffy for it to be finished in time to display this fall.  But I am getting in the mood for autumn, my favorite season. 

Happy stitching,


  1. You have been busy, considering... Cute hat there! And congrats on the page finish! Slowly but surely! I love autumn also, but am holding off until it is officially Autumn to decorate... Hugs!

  2. Great work on both you stitching and your knitting!
    What yarn are you using for the socks? I love the colors, they are very vibrant =)