Thursday, September 27, 2012


Welcome to my new followers!

I've still been slack on progress the last few weeks.  This genealoy stuff is sucking a lot of my time at the moment and I can't seem to leave it alone.  It's like the HAED addiction when it first started and then the sock addiction.  So the cycle will return to those eventually, I'm guessing.  Maybe when it turns too cold for me to want to leave the house to go do research. 

So, anyway.  I'm hoping to get my halloween socks done in time.  I finished the first last week and have started the second.  What happened to the days when I got a pair done in 2 weeks?  This pair was started a few days before Labor Day.  Oh, that's right...see above. 

For those that were asking, these are in Simply Sock Yarn's new Poste Yarn in Sedona Sunset.  I love them! 

And a little more progress is showing on Nature's Little Helper:

Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely progress both on your socks and on your stitching :D

  2. Love the socks and your stitching looks great:)

  3. I love the colors on your stitching. It looks wonderful.

  4. Love the colors on your socks, Tamara. Nice colors in your stitching as well.