Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

It appears it's the start of the "official"  holiday season tomorrow.  I'm trying hard to get in the mood.  Time just goes so fast these days it seems hard to keep up.  But I have started my Christmas shopping.  For me.  :D

My new thimble!!  Which I had to try out to make sure the fit was okay and I could stitch with it comfortably.  It fits well when my hands are warm and I use a little strip of moleskin on my finger to snug it up when my fingers are cold.  I love it!  I may even order another one next year...

So, in the test drive, I did manage a little stitching.

I'm about halfway done with the current page.  I'd really like to get this page and the next half-page done before the end of the year. 

The Christmas gift socks are coming along nicely.  I'm working on the gusset of the second sock, so it's looking like I should be okay for finishing for Christmas.  So I had to start something Christmasy...socks for me.

North Pole socks
Marathon socks/Universal Yarns

You can't get much more Christmasy than those!  Whether they will be ready for this Christmas remains to be seen. 

As I was coming back into the house after getting the mail, this little guy was right outside the door.

The best I can figure is this is a little leafhopper.  Cute little bugger, isn't he?

Happy Thanksgiving,


Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have been busy scanning some old family pictures.  Quite a few of them, I don't know who it is in the picture and unfortunately, those that might know are long gone.  But, it's still fascinating to see the history.  This picture was taken in Atlanta, Ga according to the writing on the back.  If they took the time to write that, I don't know why they didn't write who this was.

And this family photo taken at Umbrella Rock at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the turn of the century. 

If anyone knows who any of these people are, be sure to leave me a comment!

Not much stitching going on around here, but I did manage to finish the first sock of the Christmas pair.  I had to go buy an addition skein to finish the foot and several more skeins accidentally fell into my basket.  Ooops.  :D

I tried to give you a little stitching fix along with the sock picture, lol.  This sock pattern is called Tracks by OzKnitter.  I just hope they fit the recipient *fingers crossed*.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Updates, Old and New

What a wild ride this week has been.  We were nipped by Sandy, with most of the damage exclusive to the immediate coast and low lying areas.  Pretty much what we're used to with any bad nor'easter.  What a mess they have up north, though.  Hopefully, those areas' recovery efforts will go smoothly and quickly. 

It did give us Monday off work, although I did not seem to put it to good use.  My focus these days is minimal at best and wild weather really messes me up.  I think I un-accomplished more than I accomplished.  I ended up ripping out the Christmas sock I had started and restarted with a different pattern.  I was going to do Hedgerow Socks, but it was eating up too much of my limited amount of yarn.  And it was tedious.  So I went looking and found Tracks and have most of the leg done now.

I still think I might run out of yarn before I get to the toe.  Tune in next week...

I started and finished a scarf on Saturday, so this is officially my Sandy project (yes, we were getting nasty weather on Saturday due to Sandy).

This was done in Jo-Ann's Sensations Angel Hair yarn Red multi color on US 11's.  The pattern is Classic Elite's Sinful Ribbed Scarf.  I would definately like to do this again in a DK yarn closer to what the pattern calls for.  I used one ball for this one and one less repeat than the pattern. 

Nature's Little Helper has a slight bit of progress.

And, lo and behold, I actually picked up the Lamplighter Garden and put a few stitches into it last night.  I bet you'd forgotten about that one, hadn't you?

Happy Stitching,