Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have been busy scanning some old family pictures.  Quite a few of them, I don't know who it is in the picture and unfortunately, those that might know are long gone.  But, it's still fascinating to see the history.  This picture was taken in Atlanta, Ga according to the writing on the back.  If they took the time to write that, I don't know why they didn't write who this was.

And this family photo taken at Umbrella Rock at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the turn of the century. 

If anyone knows who any of these people are, be sure to leave me a comment!

Not much stitching going on around here, but I did manage to finish the first sock of the Christmas pair.  I had to go buy an addition skein to finish the foot and several more skeins accidentally fell into my basket.  Ooops.  :D

I tried to give you a little stitching fix along with the sock picture, lol.  This sock pattern is called Tracks by OzKnitter.  I just hope they fit the recipient *fingers crossed*.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Such great pictures! And what a wonderful piece of your family history. I'm finding a lot of these type pics also, as I clean out my mother's home. None of them seem to have names on them, either. I guess we were just supposed to keep track all these years later, lol :)

  2. On your page by accident. Family photo captures. Very brave people, if dared to sit so high up on the rocks.
    Sorry for my English. I am from Russia. )))