Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Update

I've been stitching away this holiday and am making some progress.  I'm halfway through the current page on Nature's Little Helper:

I started a new pair of socks just before Christmas and I'm halfway through the first sock:

Red Heart Heart & Sole
Toasted Almond

It's been nice having a few extra days off in the last week, but now the new year kicks in and the next holiday for me will be Easter.  So, my stitching and knitting will likely be taking a hit and progress will return to it former snail's pace. 

Wishing peace and prosperity for all in the New Year,



  1. Great progress on your WIP! And I love the colors of the socks you're working on. I, too, had to go back to work today after a couple weeks off. It definitely cuts into the stitching time, lol :)

  2. Well, she doesn't look so red now... but tomorrow will tell. Great socks! They look nice and warm... that is a great talent! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful stitching and nice progress on your socks. I'm about to start my holidays as I had to work over the chrissy and new year so looking forward to the break and progress on my wips. I hope the return to work for you is a happy experience. xoxo

  4. I love your WIP. So pretty. The socks are great too. I wish I could knit.