Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Update

And apparently, it goes from bad to worse, lol.  I'm even farther behind reading blogs and I see I have a few new followers.  Welcome!  I haven't been so slack about posting in the past.  There seems to be so much less free time lately for some reason.  I am really missing those long, lazy summer days when I was a kid.  Now, I get up in the morning and before I know it I'm climbing back in bed to do it all over again. And the to-do pile doesn't seem to shrink appreciably at the end of the day or week or month, for that matter.  Vacation?  What's that?? 

I do have some projects to share, however, so all is not lost.

First up, I haven't been stitching much over the last several months, but there are finally enough new stitches in Nature's Little Helper I can finally post an update.  I'd really like my stitching mojo to revisit for awhile again.  I officially have three corners done.

Next, a new shawl.  This is Fragile Heart by Boo Knits.  The yarn is actually a hot fuscia pink, not so much red as the picture looks.  The yarn is Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in Walking on the Sun.

And new socks.  These are Jamaican Me Crazy in String Theory Coloworks Entanglement in Binary System.

Two new projects are on the needles.  Not much to show on those, yet, so I'll keep you in suspense.  Hopefully, not for so long this time, but I'm not making any promises, lol.

Happy Stitching!