Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Mmmmellllllttttttinnggg

Boy, summer finally decided to arrive with a vengence this week.  Temps in the 90's (F) with approximately 10000% humidity. Ick. 

I'm getting the urge to stitch more lately.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to carve out any time to actually sit and stitch.  I had planned to do so yesterday and today, but things have come up and ended up not having the time after all.  So I'll shoot for next week.  Just to show that I have been putting a couple of stitches in each week, I will post an update picture.  I should make it a "Spot the Difference" between this one and the last photo as the progress is more hopeful than actual, lol.

I finished the first sock of the next pair:

I seem to be on a Halloween theme today without intending to.  My next pair of socks will also fall into this category. 

Happy stitching and stay cool!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Tamara
    Staying cool is easy for me here down under as we are in the middle of winter. Which is awesome for stitching as you can snuggle up in the cross stitch chair with a hot toddy, fav DVD and stitch as it's too cold to do anything else..even housework LOL!

    I love the colours in your socks now that is cool. I hope you find some Tamara stitchy time soon, I'm looking forward to your progress. It looks fantastic so far
    ALicia xo