Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Step Forward

Hi, all.  Guess what I have????  Updates!

I have a small amount of progress to show on Nature's Little Helper:

I finished the Proton Socks:

These are String Theory Colorworks Continuum in Proton.  I still have lots of self striping yarn in the bin and I see many more stripey pairs in the next months. 
Up next is my first encounter with simple colorwork.  I'm loosely using the Wicked pattern by Glenna C.  It is the called for yarn in the pattern, but the purple isn't as blue-purple as it shows in the model, more red in my skein.  The yarn is from The Sweet Sheep who I just found out last night is closing her online store and has everything 30% off currently if you are looking for a yarny deal.

The house renovations have begun and one bathroom is completely gutted except for the tub, now we're slowly getting it back together.  Painting and waiting for the flooring to come in.  We replaced all the doorknobs yesterday.  It's amazing what a big difference such a small change can make.  Of course, now the door hinges (antique brass) don't match the doorknobs (brushed chrome).  Oops. 
I'm off to see if I can manage a few more stitches in something before my day off comes to an end.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Great progress. Love the sock:)

  2. I wish I could make socks! The proton ones look great. I seem unable to encourage my brain to knit in the round even on circular needles! I shall have to live vicariously through your socks :)

  3. Beautiful stitching! I love the colors in Nature's Little Helper!