Thursday, October 31, 2013

While I Pondered, Weak and Weary...

Could someone out there slow down the clock a little so I could maybe, just maybe, make some headway on all the things I want to accomplish?  Pretty please? 

Sorry for the delay from the last post.  Over a month?  Really?  Seems like just last week.  So here is the full picture of the Sweet Dreams Shawl.

Sweet Dreams
Boo Knits
Madeline Tosh Prairie

As of today, I have a little cross stitch finish. 

Happy Haunting
By the Bay Needlearts

With any luck, I will have another shawl and a pair of socks off the needles in a couple/few more weeks.  I'm trying to do a few small cross stitch things to stash-bust a little and just to feel like I have accomplished something.  I am also hoping on having a page finish on one of my HAED's by the end of November the year. 

Happy Halloween!