Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ah, Spring!

Although, it's damp and dreary out again, spring is coming for sure here!  The daffodils and the Bradford Pears are blooming and I spy a spring green tree out on the other side of the lake.  No pictures today for proof, you'll just have to take my word for it, lol.

I'm still plugging along on Nature's Little Helper.  I was hoping to get page 20 done this weekend, but the odds are no longer looking so good.  I ended up not picking it up at all last night and this morning I spent several hours at the car dealership getting that pesky routine maintenance stuff attended to.  I did stitch on my christmas 15-sided ornament there and now have all 15 blocks stitched, just have to attach all the beads now.  I might be another 3 months before I can bring myself to tackle that.  Here's the update on NLH:

I have been adding to the stash this year and here is my latest acquisition:

That's Victoria Sampler's Trick or Treat Sampler with the accessory pack.  I've been wanting this one since it came out, it's just always a little difficult to cough up the cash for the accessory packs.  I love her designs, though, and I want to get cracking on them.  My Autumn Romance sampler is languishing on my stand, sorely neglected.  The fabric in the picture above is Picture This Plus Cashel in Haunted.  I'm still waffling on that fabric, it's greener than it appeared in the online picture, but I think it might work okay.  I'm such a wuss when changing out fabric!  But I don't like the brown for this one, I think it needs to be reminiscent of a creepy twilight evening.  I'm concerned the light green threads will disappear on the fabric, though.  So, opinions much appreciated on this one!  I was also considering PTP Ancient and Echo. 

Ah, decisions, decisions. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love your new stash. I hope you find more time for Nature's little helper. The colors in it are wonderful.

  2. I actually think the fabric will be great for this sampler. Looking at the threads against it they really pop. The greens may be a little bit difficult to see but I think they will be fine. I'm looking forward to your start on this one.
    Alicia xo

  3. NLH will soon be a completed piece--won't you be happy??!! Miss you! Hugs!