Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NLH Update

Nature's Little Helper:

Close to the halfway point on the current (partial) page.  I'm hoping for a page finish next week. 

I've picked Sanctuary back up in the evenings this week for about 30 mins to an hour and I'm getting an itch to work on it again.  It looks like it's been almost 2 years since I have worked on it!  I think I live in a time warp sometimes.  *sigh*  I still want to finish NLH before moving on to anything else full time, though.  I'm only a couple hundred stitches further along, but as long as I keep pecking away at it, I think I will do monthly progress pictures until it becomes my primary piece again.  So this will be April's progress:

We're supposed to get strong/possibly severe thunderstorms later today and I just don't enjoy storms like I did when I was young and stupid, lol.  You'll probably find me hiding under the bed with the first crack of thunder now! 

Happy Stitching,


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 2014 IHSW

It's been quite some time since I've signed up for IHSW, but since I had Sunday off work for the Easter holiday, I had planned some stitching time.  Of course, I didn't get done what I had planned, lol. 

Nature's Little Helper:

New start:

Keep Calm and Freak Out Fob
The Sweetheart Tree

Thankfully, I don't plan on using this for a fob, because it's turning out really, really big for a fob, in my opinion.

I finished beading the 15-sided biscornu.  Now I just have to talk myself into finishing it one of these days.  I wanted to do a couple of bands on my Autumn Romance sampler, but just didn't feel like it.  Sunday ended up chilly and cloudy and it was just kind of a blah day and I had really no ambition. 

This little guy had plenty of ambition to sit and serenade me, though.


Happy Stitching!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bunny Business

And I have a very rare occurence here this week, a seasonal finish before the holiday arrives!  It won't be finish-finished before the holiday, though.

Bunny Business
The Sweetheart Tree

I did not stitch much on Nature's Little Helper this last week.  Getting close to another page finish.

There's actually quite a bit more done now, but I didn't feel like taking it off the hoop at the moment for a new picture.  (In fact, this could possibly be the last picture I posted here, I didn't look).  I will get a new picture for next week.

I do have Easter Sunday off and have some stitching plans.  I want to do two bands on my Autumn Romance Sampler, finish beading the 15 sided biscornu, start a new (small) project and maybe, if there is any time left after all that, put a few stitches in NLH. 

Although pseudo-winter has returned for a few days, we did have some gorgeous spring weather last week. 

And last, but not least,  the guest of honor this week:

Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIPs of Shame

I'll start with my progress on NLH;  it looks like it should go a little faster once I get through this page.

After reading Alicia's comment on my last post, I felt the need to display my weakness for shiny new starts.  I used to be a dedicated one project gal, but something went awry about 7 years ago.  My current WIP's:

There is my current sock of 3, going on 4, months, HAED Dress of Daydreams, HAED Sanctuary of Knowledge, my 15 sided biscornu ornament, Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery A Rock Garden, and Pollyanna's Lamplight Knotgarden (OOP).

And that is Victoria Sampler Autumn Romance, abandoned.  I still love them all and want to finish each one.  The HAED are just huge and full of confetti, so I get frustrated with lack of progress for time spent.  The chart for A Rock Garden drives me crazy, it's difficult to read.  And the others just suffer for lack of time and ambition. 

We won't discuss the want-to-do pile. 

We are getting a treat of warm sunshine and a wonderful spring day today.  And with any luck, tomorrow, too. 

Happy Stitching!