Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bunny Business

And I have a very rare occurence here this week, a seasonal finish before the holiday arrives!  It won't be finish-finished before the holiday, though.

Bunny Business
The Sweetheart Tree

I did not stitch much on Nature's Little Helper this last week.  Getting close to another page finish.

There's actually quite a bit more done now, but I didn't feel like taking it off the hoop at the moment for a new picture.  (In fact, this could possibly be the last picture I posted here, I didn't look).  I will get a new picture for next week.

I do have Easter Sunday off and have some stitching plans.  I want to do two bands on my Autumn Romance Sampler, finish beading the 15 sided biscornu, start a new (small) project and maybe, if there is any time left after all that, put a few stitches in NLH. 

Although pseudo-winter has returned for a few days, we did have some gorgeous spring weather last week. 

And last, but not least,  the guest of honor this week:

Happy Easter!



  1. Your Easter bunny is gorgeous. I just love his whiskers and teeth! Good luck with your Sunday plans. I hope you are able to do all you want to. :)

  2. A bunny! the Easter bunny?? I have taken out my bird feeders, but need to wash them...then put them in a good spot this year. LOVE LOVE those tiny buttons on your Easter Bunny finish! They make it pop! So cute! Hugs!

  3. Ha ha, I never get projects done in time for the holiday! Great finish, and stunning second project!

  4. How cute is your bunny?? Love the little guy! I would count this as a finish.
    xo Alicia