Thursday, August 28, 2014

Freak Out!

This suits me to a T.

The Sweetheart Tree
Keep Calm and Freak Out Fob

I'll be getting it to the finisher eventually.

I have not touched any other stitching this week.  I have been kitting up several pieces, though.  Now I just have to put together my 15 sided Christmas ornament and work on VS Autumn Romance this upcoming week.  Then, I think I will do the new Just Nan Witchy Mouse.  After that, will be VS Winter Garden Sampler and Trick or Treat Sampler.  All plans are subject to change without notice.

I found a few videos on YouTube this week that I think are worth sharing.  Here is the first, Bach Trio Sonata for Oboe and Harpsichord.

Happy Stitching,


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Curl Up Progress Report

The curtain is pretty much done!  I would have a page 2 fnish, but the black on the bottom corner bleeds over from pages 3 and 4, so it will be awhile before I have an official page 2 finish.  I'm going to do that black here and there while I work on the page under page 1.

It's too bad all my HAED's don't stitch up this fast!  I did pick up both Sanctuary and Dress Of Daydreams and do a (very) few stitches on both.  Not enough progress to take a picture of, though.

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Curl Up and Framed Finishes

Over halfway through page 2 now.  I love, love, love stitching this one!

And I keep forgetting to show my framed pieces I got back in June.

A Treasured Time

Heart Collector
Jeanette Douglas

Happy Haunting

Dressed To Kill

I'm starting to get a little case of finishitis, I think.  I have a couple of small projects in progress that I want to finally get finished up.  I feel like I've made more progress this year than I have in a long time.  Of course, I just ordered fabric for 6 charts, so there will be no catching up any time soon!

Happy Stitching,