Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wonderful Wet and Wild Wednesday

Woke up to a gloomy, rainy day this morning and it's been breezy and raining steady all day.  Perfect fall day!  I could stand it to be just a few degrees cooler, however, it's a bit muggy.  Yesterday's 66 degrees was really nice.  I'd like to say I took the opportunity to sit and stitch and watch something good on TV, but I have spent the majority of the day cleaning out a file cabinet.  And I haven't made much of a dent yet, but at least I can see progress.  And I can now shove a piece of paper or two into it again, lol. 

Just Nan's Miss Witchy Mouse stitching was finished last week, now I just have to find a day to be able to sit and put it together.  This was a very fun stitch!

I have only two more bands on the Autumn Romance sampler to do now.  No picture of that one as it's all rolled up on the scroll rods.

And Curl Up has gotten a bit of love the past few weeks.  I was suprised when I compared it to the last picture on here.


I'm hoping I can settle in after dinner and get a few stitches in, probably on Curl Up.  I'm not sure I'm up to the metallic in the next band on the sampler today. 

Happy Stitching,


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  1. Love those days when the weather actually helps the fun of staying in to stitch! I love the Miss Witchy Mouse it does look like it would have been fun. The colours are coming through on Curl up, great progress Tamara!
    xo Alicia