Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Progress Report

Here is this week's progress on Curl Up:

And the Halloween Quadrille:

I'm itching to get going on some Christmas stuff now, but I will be good.  I received my Just Nan new patterns, the Gingerbread Angel Mouse and the Gingerbread Cube, so cute!  I just ordered the fabric for the cube today and for another Christmas piece, so I will need lots of willpower soon or some additional ambition to get something accomplished on the Quadrille and the Trick or Treat Sampler. 

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Progress Report

I have made visible progress on Curl Up this week!  Unfortunately, the picture is it's usual crappy quality, lol.

Here's the Halloween Quadrille progress:

I seem to be getting out of my Halloween mood.  I have several Christmas/winter charts on the top of my to do pile, but I will finish this one and the Trick or Treat Sampler before moving on.  Hopefully, I will have them done by next Halloween.  Sigh. 

There were some pretty visitors here a few weeks ago:


Happy Stitching,