Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Well, Flu.

Well, this year certainly is going by in a flash.  Not only is it the busiest time of year at work, which often leaves me too tired to stitch much, but I have been sick for the entire month of March and the end of February.  First, it was a cold or sinus infection something or other.  I was finally getting rid of that when I fell ill with the flu.  And what a nasty flu bug it is this year!!  I ended up with a lot of inflammation in my ribs and was in quite a bit of pain for almost two weeks, and that was in addition to the first week of the actual flu. I'm finally feeling improvement with that, but still sore and tender, especially if I do too much.  Didn't get much stitching, or anything else at all, done since any movement was a new experience in pain.  Just lay on the couch with my chest packed in ice.  Such a shame to have had all that time off work and not be able to have any stitching to show for it!  Easter Sunday I resolved to stitch if it killed me!

I had finished a page on my Dress in February, I think:

I am already halfway through the next page.  Then it's one more full page and a half page and I will be at the bottom!  My goal is to finish this column of pages by the end of this year.  So, what amounts to 2 full pages and 9 months.  Definitely doable.  Provided I don't get distracted.  Sooooo many wonderful new designs out this spring!  Sooooo many wonderful old designs in my stash!  Soooooo much temptation!  I'm doomed.

With any luck, I'll be back by the end of April with another page finish.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I hope you're feeling better and don't get sick any more. Beautiful stitching!

  2. Oh Tamara, what a terrible month you've had health-wise. Hopefully that will be it for the year and the rest will be healthy and full of stitching. :)

  3. I do hope that you stay well for the rest of the year! Sounds like you have been sick plenty! And you remind me, I have to make an appointment soon! Good progress for the little bit of time you could stitch! Hugs!

  4. I hope you get completely better! Beautiful stitching good luck on finishing before the end of the year :)