Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whew, It's a Long One.

And another month disappears.  But there is progress.  Unfortunately, there has also been a bad case of startitis as well.

I have a finish, two actually, one for me I finished in Dec or Jan and one for a gift for my Mom.  I just gave it to her for Mother's Day so I can show them off now.  Blackberry Lane Designs Tools of the Trade V.

Nothing actually finished this month, but a couple of things close.  First is the Summer Wings Humbug by Just Nan.  All that is left is to put on the beads and the backstitched border and put it together.  It's currently in limbo now because I just don't want to pick it up.

Then there is Violet Posies over one on 28 ct.  It's over half done.

I'm 1/3 done with the current page on my girl.

There was a 50% off sale at HAED.  I got a few charts:

Mini The Witching Hour
Lisa Parker

Mini Evergreen
Tracy Butler

QS Little Flutterby
Jennifer Nilsson

QS Flight of Fancy
John Patience

I'm only doing the grasshopper and ladybug of the Flight of Fancy and started it as soon as I ordered some fabric.

And I CANNOT wait to get started on Little Flutterby!  She is so stinking cute!  I will finish the happy couple first, though.  It's a good thing they are stitching up quickly (for a HAED).

I've probably forgotten something, but I can't remember what.  Serves me right for not doing this weekly like I used to!

Thank you for your comments!  I do appreciate them, although I know I am the worst for responding.  I'm not usually signed in when I read blogs (which I used to do at work, but computer use has been curtailed there) so I am also bad about leaving comments.  In fact, I've gotten bad about reading blogs as that was how I passed the slow time at work, but there is no slow time to fill at home, so I tend to avoid the computer as much as possible, which is why there are fewer blog posts, too.  Vicious cycle.  And my gmail is not currently my primary email so I never check it either.  I really should not be allowed to have a computer license!  But I do love this community and I will continue to share and hopefully inspire.  Maybe I can help your slow day go a little quicker.  :D

Happy Stitching!